Why Your B2B Marketing Strategy Must Include Social MediaBy Becky

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B2B marketing is a different kettle of fish. But your B2B marketing strategy should still include social media, here's our top 5 reasons why.

Why Your B2B Marketing Strategy Must Include Social Media

If you're in charge of B2B marketing strategy, you might overlook social media as a channel, thinking that your business is based on personal referrals and that your target customer doesn't use social media to seek suppliers. But today, there's no business that doesn't benefit from social media marketing. And here's why.

You can learn about your customers

They are on social media, having conversations. They might even be having conversations about your industry or even your company. Having a presence will help you maintain relationships with customers and ensure you're not out of the loop.


New customers can find you via social media, plus having engaged and up to date social media profiles supports SEO - so if ranking on Google is important to your business, social media is a must.

Helps with brand positioning

Every company benefits from having strong branding and social media can help you position your brand. When done well, that positioning will in turn resonate with your target customers so you're front of mind when they are in that purchasing mindset.

Company social media channels build trust

If your business is looking to acquire new customers, building trust is going to be an important objective. Brands with a considered social media strategy and good community management will appear a safer choice compared to those without.

There's no other form of advertising that's as targeted

No matter how small your industry or niche is, you'll find your audience somewhere on social media. Whether it's baby boomers or gen Z you are looking for, they're congregating on social media so don't miss out on opportunities to build relationships with key players.

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