We’re Offering 1:1 Social Media Workshops All SummerBy Becky

1 min read

Got some questions about social media marketing? Want to float some ideas through an agency with 5 years of experience managing channels for brand accounts with over 50K followers? Well, you’re in luck!

We’re Offering 1:1 Social Media Workshops All Summer

We’re offering 1:1 social media workshops all summer. They're 30mins-1hour long via video call and we're happy to wade through your woes, splash some ideas around and dive into strategy chat too. These will run like a 'clinic' so there's no formal presentation - it'll be a casual chat which is all geared around your specific frustrations or questions.

We’ve got experience with social media advertising, lead generation, TikTok management, Influencer marketing, the list goes on.

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We’re here to make managing social a balmy breeze 🏝