How To Increase Instagram EngagementBy Sophie

2 min read

Need to boost your numbers? Suffering from a severe case of in-active followers? Read on for our five top tips on how to increase engagement on Instagram.

How To Increase Instagram Engagement

1. Discover Your Best Time to Post.

Use Instagram analytics and 3rd party software to track and monitor the best times to post from your accounts. Sites like Hootsuite, Later and Iconosquare can tell you the most engaging times to post every day, and when your followers are most active so you can target them while they are online. You can also select times based on the content of your post, for example if you are posting a recipe idea, try sharing in the afternoon so it can serve as dinner inspiration for your followers and encourage them to engage.

2. Start Conversations.

Make the most of Instagram’s features and use story stickers to open up conversations with your followers. There’s a Q&A feature, polls and quizzes that can be added to your stories to help open up a two-way stream of conversation between you and your followers, so you aren’t just talking at them all the time, but with them. Also including prompts in your captions can get discussions going in the comments - make sure to reply and engage to keep them interested!

3. Increase Your Caption Length.

According to research, the most popular caption length in 2020 was over 400 characters! And these posts were found to have more engagement. So make sure to pack all your info into the caption and keep your audience interested.

4. Create ‘Saveable’ Content.

Instagram saves are a great way to boost engagement. To increase post ‘savability’, create content that your followers will want to revisit. This can include ideas, inspiration and tips, like if this post appeared on Instagram! Check out our blog post on saveable content to find out more.

5. Produce More Video Content.

Views are an extra source of engagement for Instagram posts, so try to get lots of video content on your feed. They generally tend to perform better with audiences and can be fun to make! Instagram reels are also a great way to be experimental with bite-size content in a creative way. If you’re wary about broaching the Tiktok world, this can be a good taster.

Hopefully these top tips have inspired you to create more engaging content. If you're looking for more help and advice, get in touch!