What Are The Benefits Of Micro Influencer Marketing?By Sophie

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Let's talk about the benefits of working with micro influencers, and why they should be an essential part of your social media marketing strategy.

What Are The Benefits Of Micro Influencer Marketing?

The Rise of Micro Influencer Marketing

Although there are varying opinions and number scales, a micro influencer can generally be described as an influencer with under 100,000 followers. Brands are starting to realise that there are many benefits to working with influencers with a slightly smaller following. The main reason is often the lower costs compared to their more pricey peers, but there are many other reasons why micro-influencers are a great call, and a necessity to your marketing strategy. 

It’s not all About Numbers

Working with macro influencers can be amazing for your brand. They’re able to reach more people with their wealth of followers, and can use their influence to affect consumer purchase decisions, increase website traffic and follower growth. However, brands often make the mistake of choosing to work with influencers purely based on their numbers. While this can be necessary depending on your goal, it usually is not the most important factor when it comes to choosing influencers.

Why Micro Influencers Need to be Apart of your Social Strategy

1. They are more likely to say yes

Where users with bigger followings get countless offers and deals in their inbox every day, smaller influencers often have more time and budget to say yes to more projects.

2. Going above and beyond

With bigger influencers, often companies will count themselves lucky if they get a mere story mention. Where micro influencers may have more time to spend on products, they often go above and beyond content expectations.

3. Gifting

Nowadays, it's becoming harder and harder to gift to bigger influencers as they receive so many products and service offers every day. With smaller influencers, they tend to have fewer offers and therefore are more likely to accept gifting and share content in exchange.

4. Repeat coverage

A macro influencer is unlikely to post about a brand organically after being paid to do so previously, as they know they can still get more money and essentially would be giving away free advertising. Micro influencers often need content to share with their followers and want to build a good relationship with brands, so are more likely to revisit and share products more than once.

5. New and Niche audiences

Audiences you may not have reached before, and in more niche categories can be targeted in a more focused and personalised approach. With bigger audiences from macro influencers, sometimes you can end up showing your products off to people who aren’t interested.

6. Grow with them

Establishing relationships early on with micro influencers can be beneficial for the future. A lot of accounts will grow exponentially over time and this enables you to grow with them, so they remember you and your brand when they are in the ‘big leagues’.

7. Low prices

Of course, the most obvious benefit to working with smaller influencers is their lower prices. This can be convenient when you have a small budget to spend but need to raise brand awareness. Additionally, a lot of micro influencers will be open to gifting in exchange for coverage, saving you even more.

8. Easier to work with

Most macro influencers work with a manager or team who deals with their PR requests and collabs. This can be great in most situations, but sometimes it can be easier to get through to them about your product and service when you can pitch it directly to them, and cut out the middle man. It also allows you to begin to build genuine, personal relationships with them.