Why building an online community should be a top priority in your marketing strategyBy Helena

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You might think social media engagement isn't relevant for your business. But in reality there's so much to gain from building an online community no matter what industry you are in. Here's four reasons why investing in community is worthwhile.

Why building an online community should be a top priority in your marketing strategy

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, crafting a successful marketing strategy requires more than just creating appealing content. One of the most crucial components that can set your brand apart is the establishment of a vibrant online community. Let's delve into how building such a community not only fulfils the need for connection but also plays a pivotal role in building trust with your audience.

1. Inclusivity beyond IRL (in real life)

Online communities are inherently inclusive, tearing down the barriers of physical location and accessibility. This inclusivity draws in a diverse array of individuals who might never have had the chance to interact in person. As you bring people together around shared interests or passions, your brand becomes a unifying force, fostering a sense of togetherness and belonging that resonates deeply with your audience.

2. Tackling loneliness and addressing the craving for connection

The modern era, paradoxically connected through screens, has seen a rise in feelings of isolation and people that yearn for genuine human connection. Online communities provide a solution. By creating a virtual space where individuals can engage, support, and relate to one another, your brand nurtures relationships and can even step in as a friend in a digital world often perceived as cold and distant. This makes your brand an integral part of their lives.

3. A deeper dimension of engagement

While captivating visuals and compelling content are essential, true engagement transcends the surface. An online community transforms passive consumers into active participants. Brands that take the time to genuinely engage with their audience, responding to queries, acknowledge feedback and initiate conversations, stand to gain something invaluable: trust. This trust is built on the foundation of authenticity, showing that your brand is willing to invest in meaningful interactions.

4. Invaluable insights

When your brand shows up consistently, offering value, facilitating discussions, and listening attentively, you create an environment where your audience feels heard, understood, and respected. This is the perfect place to gather invaluable insights for your brand and customer feedback. Now you can leverage what you learn to gain a competitive advantage and scale your brand.

The era of digital marketing is not just about transactional exchanges; it's about forging connections that endure. Online communities offer an avenue for brands to bridge the gap between the digital and the personal, creating spaces where individuals can form meaningful bonds. By prioritising the creation of an online community, your brand not only taps into the need for connection but also lays the groundwork for a relationship built on trust, authenticity, and shared experiences.

Stay tuned for tips on how to build a community.