How To Make Money On PinterestBy Sophie

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Pinterest's new partnership with Shopify has opened up a world of opportunities for paid marketing. In this post, we delve into how brands can use Pinterest to drive sales.

How To Make Money On Pinterest

Pinterest is making a comeback

When you think of Pinterest, you wouldn’t be alone in associating it with moodboards, wedding planning and your go-to source of hair inspiration. Perhaps one of the last things you would think of is it being a money-making machine. But as all evolving technology seems to do, Pinterest breached the world of commercial sales.

Through increasing brand authority and awareness, and now being able to sell products directly on the app, Pinterest is quickly becoming more and more popular with brands who are discovering that it can benefit their store in more ways than one.

How you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your ecommerce store

Often left behind when competing with the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Pinterest is another social media site that can help brands connect directly with existing and potential customers.

By sharing aesthetically pleasing pins and pinboards that match branding and create synergy between platforms, companies can establish more trusting relationships with their audiences, therefore helping drive traffic to their websites.

However, this more ‘organic’ method is not the only option anymore when it comes to traffic driving from Pinterest.

Last year, Pinterest partnered with the popular e-commerce software, Shopify. This collaboration has allowed customers to buy products directly from Pinterest with ‘Buyable Pins’, making the site an additional sales channel and a valuable asset for brands.

The Pinterest app is doing big numbers

Promoted content has higher success rates on the Pinterest app, making paid campaigns worth the ad spend. But don’t just take our word for it, the stats speak for themselves! 1 out of 2 Pinterest users have made a product purchase after seeing a brand promoted pin, and a whopping 93% of users use the platform to plan their purchase decisions. With more than 200 million monthly ‘pinners’ it comes as no surprise that Pinterest is the number 2 overall source of social media traffic to Shopify stores.

It’s clear that for brands seeking e-commerce store traffic, Pinterest is quickly becoming an essential and popular business tool. Have we got you ‘Pinterested’? Reach out and see how we can help you make money on Pinterest!

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