Kabuto Noodles is an established instant noodle brand sold in supermarkets across the UK and the US. We developed a social media strategy for both markets and in just six months we saw a 2% uplift in Instagram engagement and increased followers by 25%. In that time, we partnered with 50+ on brand influencers and created an abundance of exciting content including video, GIFs, photography, graphics and blogs.

Influencer Partnerships50+
Total Social Impressions26M
Paid Social Reach11M
Paid Social Engagements4.2M

We partnered with Kabuto Noodles on a year-long campaign to build followers and raise brand awareness. We looked after content creation and strategy, organic and paid social, and influencer marketing.

We created enticing product-focused content to draw attention to Kabuto's branding and range of delicious quick-to-make noodles and pasta pots. Tying posts in with calendar events was a creative way to share trending content while thinking a little outside of the box (or pot in this case).

On St. Patrick's Day we shot colour themed photos of green vegetables and noodle pots, and for Valentine's Day we filmed a date night video with a romantic noodle dinner set-up and shared cute meal ideas.

To spice things up even more, we made recipe content featuring Kabuto Noodles' products. Showing innovative ways to prepare and eat the noodles helped to attract and engage audiences. One particularly divisive idea was the noodle toastie: Kabuto noodles with melted cheese inside a toasted sandwich. A surefire way to get people talking!

We worked with a variety of influencers and ran some paid influencer projects. One of the influencers we collaborated with was food influencer Bryony Morganna, who created three Pimp My Noodle Pot videos and ran a giveaway with her social media followers.

We ran larger-scale competitions on Facebook and Instagram which we managed in full and picked prizes in partnership with other relevant brands. Competitions can be a great way to build followers and expand your reach beyond your regular audience by tapping into people with related interests.

Kabuto Noodles aren’t sold directly to consumers and are only available via retailers, such as supermarkets and Amazon. This makes it even more important to drive brand awareness and build an online community of Kabuto-loving people.

We created engagement and video view paid campaigns using Meta Ads in the UK and US to promote content that performed well organically. We also created a follower growth campaign to help build an audience of engaged followers, who might be converted into future customers.