In 2022, Swwim worked with high-end hairdressers Charles Worthington Salons to get more clients in for fresh new looks and build excitement around their 35th anniversary. Before Charles Worthington and his team's well-earned retirement, they had two London locations in Covent Garden and Fitzrovia. We implemented a social media strategy, created content, and managed influencer outreach and PR.

Press Reach283M
Combined Influencer Reach1.3M
Influencer Coverage18 pieces of content

We worked alongside Charles Worthington hairstylists to create and edit content for Instagram, TikTok & Facebook. We visited the salon for shoot days to create trending content for socials.

We built a buzz by working with influencers who made and shared quality content in return for complimentary hair appointments. We worked with eight different micro-influencers who had a combined total of over 1.3 million followers. They shared 18 pieces of coverage across platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, which tapped into Millennial and Gen Z audiences.

We also arranged a hair appointment for celebrity Amelia Gething, an up-and-coming influencer and actress with an Instagram following of 258K. She shared photos from her visit to her story and posted coverage from a Dior Fashion Show with Charles Worthington tagged as the hairstylist credit in her feed.

Charles Worthington Salons played host and hairstylist at an influencer event in collaboration with Givenchy Beauty in London. We handpicked a group of eight beauty influencers to have their hair and make-up professionally done in exchange for coverage on their social media platforms. Afterwards, we treated them to dinner and drinks so they could show off their new looks and create engaging content while having a fun evening together.

To help spread the word about the 35th anniversary, we created a celebratory Instagram filter and QR code that clients could use while visiting the salon. We also designed coffee cups featuring fun quotes about good hair to promote the occasion. These were given to customers to use while having their hair done so they could take photos with them for social media content.

By building strong relationships with our network of beauty press, we were able to secure brilliant coverage in publications including Woman & Home, House Beautiful and Stylist Magazine. Press releases also doubled up as informative blogs on the Charles Worthington Salons website which highlighted the great recommendations and mentions by highly regarded media.