We worked on a six month campaign with celebrity hairstylist Adam Reed and his team to promote his new salon, Adam Reed London, in Spitalfields Market. Although he was already a renowned hairdresser, this was his first independent salon, which he opened with support from L'Oréal. Our goal was to increase brand awareness and get more customers through the door.

Paid Social Reach380K
Influencer Coverage30K Engagements
Newsletter Open Rate43%
New Website Users+83%

Our team created a social media strategy that included content creation, influencer marketing, paid social advertising, and copywriting. We visited the Adam Reed London salon to take photos for eye-catching content and worked with influencers who had a combined total of 49K followers. We offered them complimentary hair appointments in exchange for coverage on social media to boost exposure. They shared 58 pieces of content in total with a fantastic Engagement Rate of 6.2%.

We also organised a paid collaboration with digital creator and fashion presenter Kat Farmer. Our influencer marketing led to 30K people engaging directly with the Adam Reed London campaign.

We wrote newsletters and blogs for the Adam Read London website featuring hairstyle tips and the latest trends to build engagement with new and existing clients. These proved popular and had an average click through rate of 4.7% and an average open rate of 43%.

To help increase bookings we ran a promotion for people who booked within a certain time frame using a promotional code. They each received a goodie bag of L'Oréal haircare products inside an Adam Reed London branded tote bag which we designed for people to reuse to continue raising brand awareness long after they'd left the salon.

We used a funnel approach for paid social, driving awareness of the Adam Reed London brand using an engagement objective. We then retargeted this engaged audience with a conversion campaign, promoting the unique booking code. We achieved a paid reach of 380k, with an above average watch time of nine seconds, and a unique link click through rate of 2.38%.

Overall 90 promo codes were used, and the salon gained 47 new customers during the six month campaign period. We predicted these would lead to a +61% ROI after two years.