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Founded in 2019, Swyft is a furniture maker specialising in Sofas in a Box. They focus on high-quality furniture delivered quickly and conveniently in small packages that fit through the tightest of doorways. In October 2023, we started looking after Swyft's Paid Social and Google Search channels to help them attract new customers.

Meta Prospecting27.7 Mil Reach
Meta Remarketing18 ROAS
Pinterest Remarketing9 ROAS
Google Search17 ROAS
Google PMax6 ROAS

Our team manages Swyft's PPC advertising campaigns across Meta, Pinterest and Google to help raise brand and product awareness and turn browsers into buyers.

We use a funnel approach for Meta and Pinterest, utilising a variety of ad objectives including Reach, Catalogue Ads, Lead Generation and Purchases. These target broad and interest-based audiences to drive link clicks and engagement for remarketing, and take advantage of the in-platform lead generation form, linked to their CRM, to help build their email lists.

Over our first four months of working with Swyft results have been really promising. For Prospecting campaigns we achieved an average Engagement Rate of 8.4%, Catalogue ad Cost Per Click (CPC) of 14p, and average Cost Per Lead (CPL) of £2. For Remarketing campaigns, we achieved an average Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 18.

For Google Search, we primarily target Brand terms utilising Target Impression Share Bidding to ensure Swyft is front of the page for users keen to buy from them. This led to an average ROAS of 17 and CPC of £1.

We also saw great results with Google Performance Max campaigns. By utilising the product feed and advertising products through product-specific asset groups, we achieved an overall ROAS of 6.

After four months of working with Swyft, they saw a 65% increase in revenue YoY vs January 2023.

We were 65% up YoY in January. Thank you for all your help landing that, ads have been run really well.
- Geoff Bull, CMO, Swyft