In 2022 we joined forces with Jude’s, the makers of the most delicious ice cream using top ingredients. They are a certified B Corp that create both dairy and plant-based flavours, and are committed to continuing to lower their carbon footprint by offering indulgent ice cream as sustainably as they can. We leveraged social media marketing to bring the Joy of Jude’s to key audiences, driving brand awareness and loyalty, and enhancing the customer experience.

UKDEA Award WinnerOrganic Social Media Campaign of the Year 2023
Platinum Jubilee Trifle320K+ Video Views
Organic Reach 202211.8M
Paid Reach 202216.5M

For over 20 years, the love of Jude's Ice Cream spread by word of mouth with no traditional advertising budget for billboards, TV spots, or celebrity endorsements. With this in mind, an organic social media campaign delivering value based content for Jude's audiences was the best strategy. Swwim was responsible for Jude's organic and paid social media strategy, content creation, and day-to-day management of its Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok channels.

Jude's is aimed at foodies, on-trend chefs, and high-affluence buyers, with a range of products to suit a variety of lifestyles. They connect with friends and family through delicious food, and appealing to their passion for pleasurable food experiences was key to our success.

We prioritised engagement above vanity metrics, aligned content with social media trends, and were super reactive and topical to maximise every opportunity in the media agenda. A great example of this was the Platinum Jubilee Trifle recipe we created which we turned around in less than 72 hours, from concept approval right through to posting on social channels. This video tapped into the Jubilee hype while offering valuable content and went viral with over 320k views across Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

We found ways to create content that incorporated ice cream into events in the British calendar year-round and inspired people through visually striking photography and videography. Jude's is a premium brand so we made sure to highlight their quality and craftsmanship while injecting some playfulness using tactics like trending sounds and behind-the-scenes content.

We also utilised paid social advertising to help raise brand awareness and build an online community of lovers of Jude’s Ice Cream. We created Meta and TikTok Ad campaigns with engagement objectives to promote content that had performed well organically, and follower growth campaigns to help build audiences across these platforms.

Our work with Jude’s has been recognised in the 2023 UK Digital Excellence Awards - announcing Swwim winner of the ‘Organic Social Media Campaign of the Year’ category.

We love working with Swwim, they are an incredibly creative and collaborative agency that really feels like part of the team. Swwim have worked closely with us to understand our paid goals and have translated this into improved ROI and cost per reach. The team are incredibly knowledgeable and helped maximise our budgets and deliver results.
- Rebecca Maclean, Head of Brand, Jude’s Ice Cream